Airtel VPN Trick for UP West Or UP East 1000000% working 21feb 2013 (myself check)

Airtel VPN Trick for Based on Kebrum For UPEAST & UPWEST User
Airtel is really getting strict in blocking the Host Trick or the Proxy Trick, after trying so many securities attempts in their network firewall, they have always failed in stopping us for tweaking their Network. So Airtel finally started blocking the SIM, as we know that the TRAI has strict his limitations in getting the new SIM.

The method defined below will work for both Live and Blocked SIM, this trick is confirmed working and do not fear from getting your host blocked, as this trick is also working with the blocked SIM.

Benefit of this Airtel Trick :

    Working with both Blocked & Unblocked SIM  : This trick is working with the Blocked Airtel SIM, with no Balance or Capped Speed condition.

    HTTP and HTTPS Protocol Supported : Many of the online users use the eCommerce websites Like eBay and other Secured websites which uses the HTTPS protocols are now supported under this Servers.

    Zero Balance Condition : Connection will be established at Null Balance, no need of any plan.

    Torrents Supported : Torrent Addicted Smoker, no need to worry as your food for life is already supported. If you face some difficulties in Downloading trick via uTorrent then you Must try the ZBIGZ Premium Version Trick

    Download Status : You can download the File in Parallel and can even resume it.

    VPN Stats : No extra Pop-up adds and Mal-ware Websites. Just browse in the Clean Environment.Based on Kebrum VPN

How to setup this trick in Windows Platform :

    It is pre-considered that you already have the NMD VPN installed

    If you are using the NMD VPN fr the first time then make sure you have the TAP drivers Installed.

    Now download this config and paste it in the System Driver >> Program Files >> NMD VPN >> Config
 Airtel VPN Trick : Click here To Download

  Use :

Airtel-Kebrum Server 1-Blocked SIM  For blocked sim
Airtel-Kebrum Server 2 -Unblocked Sim  For Unblocked sim

Apn :

IF u are getting low speed then activate  zero rental plan by dialing
*121#>mobile>next>dataservice>3G>3G Plan>More> Zero Rental 3G plan with browsing charges of 3p/10KB
If u are getting Idea signal then select vodafone manually.
Till now i have downloaded 300MB with no sim blocked or speed capped 

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