Onion Jam


200 g white sugar
50 ml water
2 large onions, finely diced
100 ml port


1. Place the sugar in a pan and add just enough water to soften. Bring to the boil then allow to simmer until it is quite dark in colourthis is the caramel.

2. add the onion immediately, followed by the port (being careful not to have it splatter on you), then stir to combine the ingredients. at this stage, the caramel may form clumps; do not panic as these will dissolve.

3. season with the salt.

4. reduce the heat slightly and simmer until the onion is thoroughly cooked and takes on a dark brown colour. have water by the pan as the jam tends to lose all of its liquid before it is ready, so add a little more to keep it moist.

5. once thick and fragrant, remove from the heat. onion jam can be served warm or chilled and will store, covered, in the refrigerator for 46 weeks


* You will needcutting board, cook’s knife, weight and liquid measures, saucepan and wooden spoon.

* Onion jam is great with chicken or duck liver pâté and any meat errines as well as with roast beef or lamb.

* Onion jam is fantastic served with very ripe brie or camembert. For a more basic taste, whip some room
temperature cream cheese until soft, spoon into a bowl then dollop with onion jam and serve with plain
biscuits. Crusty bread served with blue cheese and onion jam is a great way to finish off a dinner party.

* Substitute the port for balsamic vinegar for a different yet stunning onion jam.

* Serve onion jam in burgers, as an accompaniment for a hot breakfast or simply with grilled meats.

* As a delicious snack, serve onion jam alongside Persian fetta (which is creamier and less salty than regular fetta cheese), roasted or garlic confit and crusty bread.

* Use red or brown onions in this recipe.

* Many recipes will ask that the onions are cooked in butter until naturally caramelised (see caramelized onions) then the remaining ingredients are added. That method is fine as well but I prefer a ‘jam’ or  preserve’ made without dairy products just in case somebody is allergic to dairy


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