Airtel 3G LimitLess VPN Trick 04 July 2014

Introducing the Airtel 3G LimitLess VPN Trick.This Trick is Working fine without Sim Blocking & Speed Capping.Airtel 3G LimitLess VPN Trick is working fine in most of the states i have personally tested it in Delhi , and Hopefully this will surely work in Every State, where the default tcp is still open. A small request to newbies that please test the trick yourself instead of asking us via comments or by emails this trick does not cost any thing much just your need a basic thing with you a airtel sim card which has 3g signals active.

Basic Requirements of Airtel 3G LimitLess VPN Trick :-

  • Airtel 3G Enabled Sim Card.
  • Maintain Main Balance of Rs Zero ( To Avoid Balance Deduction ).
  • Data Pack Required to Prevent Speed Capping.
  • APN :

How to Use this Trick -> For Mobile Users :

  • Download Open VPN From Given Link
  • Extract It in a Folder and Browse To OVPN File Via File Browser.
  • Save The Settings as It Will Automatically Be Read by OpenVPN.
  • Connect It.
  • Wait For Sometime and VPN Will Be CONNECTED

How to Use this Trick -> For PC Users :

  • Download the Config.
  • Install NMDVPN.
  • Extract and Then Put the Config Files Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)
  • Just Connect and Enjoy

Download Links : 

Aircel 3g proxy trick 16 June 2014

features of  aircel high speed internet 3g proxy trick

  1. high speed gprs----- this proxy give you high speed internet experience in your 2g or 3g smartphone and mobile. also support with pc in Firefox
  2. ,opera,chrome, flock and net scape web browser. this proxy give you 980kbps in your 3g plan and 180kbps at your 2g prepaid pack.
  3. unlimited surfing ------  this proxy support unlimited free surfing and uploading at social media network site. so you connect always with your friends.
  4. mobile and pc ----- this proxy both support mobile and pc.  this proxy support in below mobile brand --- Nokia default browser,samsung default browser, and all android mobile browser. also support data card and Nokia pc suite.
  5. no disconnection
  6. no sim block
  7. work in 0 balance
  8. support only https protocol server

Aircel highspeed internet 3g proxy trick 16 June 2014

Hello Friends A many Hard work i have to find Aircel 3g 100% working Tricks. This trick is working many state.
  1. no disconnection
  2. no sim block
  3. work in 0 balance
  4. support only https protocol server

Reliance High Speed 3g vpn Trick 03 June 2014

Today will going to be sharing with new Reliance  vpn trick  2014. Now again we are back with Reliance free 3G tricks working confirm many area's . You able to use this reliance free gprs tricks 2014 in only pc you can not use in android and not on other mobile phones window blackberry or any other smart mobile phone . Reliance 3G  vpn trick is still working last two months in many area on 3G mobile network .  

Features Of The Trick :

1. TCP Based

2. VPN Config

3. No Speed Capping.

4. Constant Download Speed Of 500 - 600 KBPS

  • No Disconnecting
  • High Speed Server
  • No Server Ads
  • No Speed Capping
  • Torrent Download
  • Supported Secure Connection


   With this Reliance tcp vpn trick you can able to use torrent site’s but not download with torrent software you can download with torrent leaching sites you leach torrent file in these sites like boxopus and zbigz etc.

High Speed Server   Here we are added only high speed server in this Reliance tcp vpn config these are working free premium server’s vpn book and its working with pd proxy and people vpn also work all vpn are free and without serving any ads from the server.

Supported Secure Connection  This reliance 2014 tcp vpn tricks for free gprs 100% working fully supported secure connection https:// protcol for secure site like shopping site , social sites , and other accounts .

  • You need to download reliance tcp vpn config and put in config folder.
  • After download config now download  NMDVPN  .
  • Now Paste that config in C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config 
  • Once you downloaded .rar file in that doc you got all info about this reliance  vpn tricks 2014.
  • After that download the file just follow  process and use free 3G Internet on reliance.
  • Run Nmd vpn Software As administrator mode for window Vista , 7 and 8 user's.


Hello all, we are back again. If you use Bsnl Tricks then this post will make you happy again as Bsnl Bbm previously got blocked but now after little tweaking its working again :p Earlier Bsnl Bbm was blocked around a month ago but worked fine after 2-3 days. Then again it got blocked yesterday, but now again its working fine with a secret method. Now lets not waste more time and get directly to the point.Confirmed Working In :- Maharashtra , Gujarat , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, kerela , Jharkhand , Bihar , Jharkhand , Assam, Uttarakhand And Many More States .

Airtel 3g VPN trick 19 May 2014 100% Working

Basic Requirement For this Airtel 3G Trick

  • Airtel 3G Enabled Sim
  • Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Data   Pack Required if you dont want to cap your 3g speed.
  • Apn:
  • Speed Up to More than 500 KBps . In 7.2 Mbps Modem

How To use this Airtel 3G Trick:

    For Mobile users:

  • Android mobile use can use these tricks by following these simple steps :
  • Download and extract config in SD card.
  • Go to Google Play Store Search for Feat Vpnfor android.
  • Install Feat Vpn in you android device.
  • Add Airtel 3G VPN Config in Feat Vpn folder.
  • Run and Enjoy

For PC Users:

  • Download The Attachment of Airtel 3G Trick .
  • Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)
  • Click Here to Download Nmdvpn.
  • Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
  • Just Connect and Enjoy.


Airtel 3G New Trick 9 April 2014

Some Basic Requirement For this AirTel 3G Vpn Trick

1.AirTel 3G Enabled Sim card
2.Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , Data Pack Required .
4.Speed Up to 500 KBps In 7.2 Mbps Modem

How To use this AirTel 3G Vpn Trick April 2014 :

For Mobile users: Android mobile use can also use these AirTel 3G Trick configs with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :

1.Download and extract config in SD card.
2.Go to Google Play Store Search for open vpn for android. Or CLick Here
3.Add Airtel 3G Trick 2014 Config to open Vpn folder.
4.Run and Enjoy

For PC Users: 1.Download The Attachment of AirTel 3GTrick.
2.Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config).
3.Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
4.Just Connect and Enjoy.


Download Config Server 1 

Download Config Server 2

Download Config Server 3

Download Config Server 4

Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick – 08 April 2014

Who says Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick doesn’t work. You just need to do some additional tweaks and Vodafone 3G is working fine on TCP Protocol without any limits however this exclusive trick is only working in some states like MumbaiDelhiWest BengalUP east and Gujarat. This wont work everywhere because of the host which is being used in TCP configuration.

Features Of Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick April 2014:

  • Superb Download Speed: This is a TCP Trick, Hence most you know that TCP protocols have lesser speed as compared wth UDP or DNS Tunneling Tricks. But with premium TCP Config included in the trick file, one may get download sped over 400 kbps in 3G (HSDPA) mode.
  • Tweaked with Premium VPN: Just you need to import this premium modified Vodafone 3G TCP Config in NMD VPN.So every third party app in PC which requires Internet access will pass through the VPN so no balance will be deducted at all.
  • Working in many states: Guys this is the completely new method tweaked with new Vodafone host which still enable access without any balance deduction through VPN tunneling.
  • HTTPS Protocol Supported: The proxy supports high speed downloads with HTTPS protocol, So you may use Gmail, facebook and stream YouTube videos without any limits.

How to setup Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick in windows platform:

  • Configuring a VPN Trick is much easy if done according to steps given here..
  • We recommend you to use NMD VPN for connecting VPN Config. Just follow the below steps to successfully Configure Vodafone 3G TCP VPN Trick.
  • Now make sure you have installed NMD VPN on your PC.
  • Now Copy the hole Vodafone New TCP Folder which you downloaded now and paste it into : C:>> Program Files:>> NMD VPN:>> Config:
  • Just connect Vodafone 3G via default APN: WWW
  • RUN NMD VPN (Windows 7 & 8 user’s need to run it as administrator)
  • Connect the Given Vodafone Config in NMD VPN
  • VPN Tunneling Connection will get established instantly
Done! you will be connected via Premium VPN TCP Config exclusive modified for Vodafone.