Airtel 3G Sim UnBlocking and UnCapping solution 1 April 2013

Hi friends after going trough many blogs and sites on net I found a unblocking and Uncapping solution.Here are 3 Tricks for it-

Trick 1
Just Send MSG For Porting
In costumer care Call and Say I purchased an Airtel SIM for Free FACEBOOK Many User’s Using Airtel FREE FACEBOOK in Mobile and PC But in my Sim Not Facilities Available Right Now So I am porting. After 2 -3 hours your SIM Automatically Activate.

Trick 2
Best Method Forever(especially for 50 mb error)
First you deactivate your Airtel 3G by dialing *121*11#>
Than Remove them for 1 Days(I means that before 12:00 AM ) and keep your Sim in safe Area
After 1 Day just recharge with rs 9 3G pack(for UPeast)or any smallest 3G pack And use it for 1 day.
On next day just activate zero rental plan by dialling *121*11#>3g>3g plans>more>zero rental plan.
Your Speed will uncapped and sim will unblock.

Trick 3
Create MSG “FACEBOOK” and Send to 54321
Send MSG Above Continuously At least 10 Times
Now after this work Restart your Phone and Get Successfully Active SIM Unblocked


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