Airtel Free Youtube Supported Proxy 23 February 2013

We had given you some Free Streaming supported proxies for Airtel. Now that is get blocked due to error in proxy servers.Here we are again giving you a perfect Airtel proxy Trick for 2013. This one also supports free streaming of videos from popular video sharing sites such as You Tube.This works on 2G and 3G. But to prevent 3G hacks, they introduced speed capping. You will get only low speed (speed is much less than 2G) in 3G. There are many speed uncapping trick. But for me, none of them worked! . So If speed caping trick is working in your area, then use it. Otherwise its better to use 2G.

Important things to take care:

  • Use airtelinternet as default access point or airtelmobile office.
  • Maintain your balance less than 10 paise to avoid any balance deducton from your account.
  • You should disconnect after using about 100 MB. Otherwise, your SIM may be blocked.
  • Don’t download too much with this. It will cause SIM blocking.

Hope this trick will work for you. Let me know your comments…


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