Idea new method (Modified) Working UP(E&W), UK, Delhi

Modified this method to work with other APN.   Enjoy the internet without VPN 
Download and install Proxy File Click Here

Connect with APN: mobile
put in the proxy settings by going in options>proxy settings>add :, port 8080, https>ok
Now the next part, add another proxy by again clicking add, this estabilishes a proxy chain. these are the proxies you may use. use one of these proxies.  port 443 port 443  port 443  port 443  port 443

If one doesnt work go for another one. if u get an error in opening page try two or three time before trying another proxy, because as i told you browsing is slow during day. but once a download starts theres no stopping!!

Download torrentz through put[dot]io

I'm attaching screenshots as well.

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  1. How to Unlock the file.
    I tried all the proxy in mobile but not works bro in Gujarat


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