TomaTo Soup


2 kg ripe tomatoes (see Hints and tips)
100 ml olive oil
1 small onion, finely diced
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 bay leaf
1 tablespoon sugar
200 ml water
300 ml thickened cream (optional)
salt and pepper


1. slice the tomatoes in half exposing a cross-section of the tomatoit is then easier to remove the seeds with a teaspoon. Dice the flesh roughly. Do not worry that the tomatoes are not peeled as the soup needs to be strained.

2. heat the olive oil in a pot large enough to hold all the ingredients. cook the onions and garlic over mediumlow heat, without colouring, for 5 minutes.

3. add the chopped tomatoes, bay leaf, sugar and water, bring to the boil then reduce the heat to low and simmer until reduced by half.

4. remove from the heat and pass through a sieve using a ladle to push the pulp through. only the skin of the tomatoes should remain in the sieve. Do not be tempted to blend this soup as the skin will break up and make the soup grainy and slightly bitter.

5. return the strained soup to low heat and simmer for a few minutes, adding cream, if using, and salt and pepper to taste. serve.


* You will needcutting board, cook’s knife, liquid, weight and spoon measures, large heavy-based pot, and wooden spoon.

* It is very important that only ripe tomatoes are usedpreferably vine-ripened or hydroponicto get the best flavoured tomato soup.

* Adding the cream is optional. The resulting soup without cream may be slightly sour in which case adds 1 teaspoon sugar. Top the soup with pesto or croutons.

* If fresh tomatoes are not around and you have an urge to make tomato soup, then use canned tomatoes. Try and find a good organic brand which should indicate good flavour.

* Use leftover roasted tomatoes to make a small serve of soup or roast the tomatoes for the soup.


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